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Psychology Resources Around the World relies on information from colleagues in each country! Please join in to add to the resource.
Ways to contribute:

  • Be a Country Liaison. Country liaisons work with the editorial team, review and update organizations of psychology, review and update the directories of psychology departments in the country; and help provide information on the demographics of psychology and psychologists in their country. To volunteer please click here.
  • Add to the History of Psychology Timeline!  – Send in new entries here for the history timeline in the following categories:
    • publications of important articles or books;
    • founding of educational institutions, laboratories or institutes;
    • passing of legislation, policies or regulation
  • Be a Section Editor – work with the PRATW Team to develop material for specific sections – codes of ethics; funding resources; testing & assessment and more – Contact PRATW Editor

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Submissions welcome! Send information on organizations, resources, references. If you are interested in being a contributing editor to a specific subsection click here.

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