*National Overview – Cuba, 2006

Adapted from “Cuba National Tour,” prepared by Miguel D. Rojo Gonzalez in Wedding, D., & Stevens, M. J. (Eds.). (2009). Psychology: IUPsyS Global Resource (Edition 2009) [CD-ROM]. International Journal of Psychology, 44(Suppl. 1).Reprinted from Wedding, D., & Stevens, M. J. (Eds.). (2009). Psychology: IUPsyS Global Resource (Edition 2009) [CD-ROM]. International Journal of Psychology, 44(Suppl. 1).


Before the 1959 Cuban revolution psychology did not exist as a profession in itself. Psychological services were offered by pedagogues and psychiatrists. Accordingly psychological matters were taught only as a subject of secondary education, in teachers training, and as a dissertation subject in the philosophy and arts licenses.

Psychologists’ training in Cuba began with the foundation in 1961 of the School of Psychology of the Central University of Las Villas, and was followed in 1962 by the School of Psychology of Havana University. These two institutions, one at the west and the other at the center of the country continue training psychologists to this day and national coverage has been completed with the foundation of the Department of Psychology in the University of Oriente in the eastern region.

Scope / Research

Schools and psychology departments in all the three universities are, at the same time, research centers. In addition psychological research is carried on by psychology departments of ministries and central organisms.

The main fields of psychology application in our country are health and education, but it is also applied to labor, sports and now increasingly to tourist activities.

Research is dominantly, though not exclusively, applied to national economy, welfare, or educationally significant problems.


Training is mainly licenses and masters, but there is also special training offered by ministries and national institutions. There are also doctoral programs.

Training takes place in universities, pedagogical institutes, and training departments of ministries and national institutions.


There are special government regulations or requirements for the training of professional, applied psychologists and they apply to all psychologists.

A code of ethics is being elaborated by the Cuban Psychologists National Association.

Updated July 2006


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