*National Overview – Pakistan, 2006

This article is adapted from “Pakistan National Tour” prepared by M. A. Quereshi, 2006, which appeared in Wedding, D., & Stevens, M. J. (Eds). (2009). Psychology: IUPsyS Global Resource (Edition 2009) [CD-ROM]. International Journal of Psychology, 44 (Suppl. 1).


Western-trained psychologists brought psychology and psychological practice to Pakistani universities in the 1960s, and many Pakistani psychologists continue to be trained in the West. In recent years, however, practice and research have been increasingly interested in and shaped by indigenous culture. That culture is collectivist, family-oriented, male-led, and Islamic. Funding for research is scarce. About 60 clinical psychologists practice professionally in Pakistan.

There are 16 post-graduate psychology departments in Pakistan. Nine require at least one course in Muslim psychology. Psychology training is nonetheless largely based upon Western research methodology.


Nafsiyat Aur Aindagi [Psychology & Life]
Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research

Text based on APA Monitor in Psychology, January, 2002
Last updated July 2006


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