Panamerican Journal of Psychology

Panamerican Journal of Psychology / Universitas Psychologica

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is published by the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Psychology Faculty (Bogotá, Colombia). The journal has a wide scope and a diverse thematic and theoretical spectrum. It has a pluralist purpose because includes papers of all the psychology scopes.

Universitas Psychologica publishes articles, book reviews and interviews. Some issues are dedicated to special topics of different psychology areas (“monographic issue”).

This publication has a national and international editorial committee, which evaluate and judge all the articles.

The purpose of the journal is to become an important source of consultation and a permanent referent of visibility and exchange.

The original contributions sent to the journal are assessed by the editorial committee and in case of been approved, they are sent for a second evaluation by external experts. During the evaluation process, the names of the authors and evaluators are not disclosed. The decision of accepting, modifying or rejecting an article depends on the editorial committee, which take into account the reports from the external evaluators.

Universitas Psychologica was founded in 2001 by its current editor Wilson López López.


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