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European Federation of Psychology Students’ Association (EFPSA)
Founded in 1987


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EFPSA’s mission is to represent the needs and interests of psychology students of Europe. We are dedicated in promoting scientific cooperation, cultural exchange between psychology students which will enhance their mobility. By constantly developing their services and the quality of communication between European psychology students and their national and local associations, they are creating a fertile ground for the science of psychology in Europe and subsequently around the globe. They work on a voluntary basis and believe that high levels of commitment and enthusiasm will guarantee the best outcome.

They aim to be a reliable and widely acknowledged representative of the European Psychology Students, including students themselves, psychologists, institutions, and professional organizations of national and European level. The EFPSA wants to build a strong network of psychology students and their national and local organizations which will enable unity, under one European roof. The EFPSA believes in a multicultural Europe without borders and strive to spread our activities within and around Europe. With spirited leadership, cooperation and team work, they intend to provide psychology students of Europe with unique personal experiences, giving them extraordinary possibilities to grow both as human beings and as professionals; by learning from and sharing with one another in an international environment. 
They endeavor to raise awareness of principles not just in ‘Psychology’, but indeed to lessen the misconceptions that may surround it. In addition the outcome will enable the EFPSA to integrate psychological concepts into society.


1987 Lisbon, Portugal
1988 Liege, Belgium
1989 Lund, Sweden
1990 Lyon, France
1991 Geneva, Switzerland
1992 Bergen, Norway
1993 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1994 Lancaster, UK
1995 Pula, Croatia
1996 Jyväskylä, Finland
1998 Skofja Loka, Slovenia
1999 Troia, Portugal
2000 Jäneda, Estonia
2001 Budapest, Hungary
2002 Avanos, Turkey
2003 Porto, Portugal
2004 Kopaonik, Serbia & Montenegro
2005 Madrid, Spain
2006 Spindleruv Mlyn, Czech Republic
2007 Turku, Finland
2008 Tuščiaulių village, Lithuania
2009 Alteiningen, Germany
2010 Barloo, The Netherlands
2011 Borowice, Poland
2012 Roedby Faerge, Denmark

Future Congresses:

2013 Turkey
2014 Romania

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