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An international perspective on psychotherapy, 2007

Wedding, D. (2007). An international perspective on psychotherapy. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 63, 785-790.

Link to citation and article: Wiley Online Library

Comment on Origins and Development of Indigenous Psychologies, 2006

Conducting Psychotherapy around the globe, 2007

Rehm, L. (2007). Conducting psychotherapy around the globe: Orientation and Introduction. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 63, 707-711.

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Freedom is the Lifeblood of Psychology, 2010

Stevens, M. (2010). Freedom is the lifeblood of psychology. Cercetari Filosofico-Psihologice, 2(1), 35-42 (a journal of the Romanian Academy). Reproduced with permission.

Global Mobility for Psychologists: The Role of Psychology Organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Other Regions, 2005

Hall, Judy E.; Lunt, Ingrid (2005). Global Mobility for Psychologists: The Role of Psychology Organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Other Regions. American Psychologist, Vol 60(7), 712-726
doi: 10.1037/0003-066X.60.7.712


International Perspectives on Counseling Psychology, 2007

Leong, F. T. & Savickas, M. L. (Eds) 2007.
Special Issue on International Perspectives on Counseling Psychology
Applied Psychology, 56 (1)



At the 2002 International Congress of Applied Psychology in Singapore, the Board of Directors voted in support of the proposal to establish a Division of Counseling Psychology. To promulgate the formation of the Division of Counseling Psychology in the International Association of Applied Psychology as well as to foster its development, this special issue presents analyses of the current status and future directions for counseling psychology in 12 different countries. These analyses examine counseling psychology’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Based on these SWOT analyses, which used the methodology explained in this introductory article, each author presents objectives and strategies for advancing counseling psychology in their own countries during the next decade. The special issue concludes with a commentary that re views and integrates the authors’ recommendations and suggestions for constructing the future of counseling psychology.


Pryor, R. G. & Bright, J. E. (2007)
The Current State and Future Direction of Counseling Psychology in Australia

Young, R. A. & Nicol, J. J. (2007)
Counselling Psychology in Canada: Advancing Psychology for All

Hou, Z.-J. & Zhang, N.
Counseling Psychology in China
URL  –

Leung, S. A., Chan, C. C. & Leahy, T.
Counseling Psychology in Hong Kong: A Germinating Discipline
UR  –

Arulmani, G.
Counselling Psychology in India: At the Confluence of Two Traditions
UR  –

Benjamin, B. A.
Counseling Psychology in Israel: A Virtual Specialty in Transition
UR  –

Watanabe-Muraoka, A. M.
A Perspective on Counseling Psychology in Japan: Toward a Lifespan Approach
UR  –

Seo, Y. S., Kim, D. M., & Kim, D.-i.
Current Status and Prospects of Korean Counseling Psychology: Research, Clinical Training, and Job Placement
UR  –

Duarte, M. E. Paixão, M. P., & Lima, M. R.
Perspectives on Counseling Psychology: Portugal at a Glance
UR  –

Bernaud, J.-L., Cohen-Scali, V., & Guichard, J.
Counseling Psychology in France: A Paradoxical Situation
UR  –

Watson, M. B., Fouche, P.
Transforming a Past into a Future: Counseling Psychology in South Africa
UR  –

Leong, F. T. & Leach, M. M.
Internationalising Counseling Psychology in the United States: A SWOT Analysis
UR  –

Savickas, M. L.
Internationalisation of Counseling Psychology: Constructing Cross-National Consensus and Collaboration
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International Psychology: An Overview, 2008

Journal Rankings for Psychology

SCImago Journal Ranking for Psychology


Origins and development of indigenous psychologies around the world, 2006

Origins and Development of indigenous psychologies: An international analysis, 2006

Psychologists, philosophers and their country of influence, 2009

Reprinted from Wedding, D., & Stevens, M. J. (Eds). (2009). Psychology: IUPsyS Global Resource (Edition 2009) [CD-ROM]. International Journal of Psychology, 44 (Suppl. 1), “Origins” section.

Psychologists/philosophers and their country of influence

Psychologist or
of origin
Country of influence
W. Wundt Germany x x x x x x
S. Freud Austria x x x x
B. F. Skinner USA x x x x
L. Thurstone USA x x x
K. Lewin Germany x x x
I. P. Pavlov Russia x x x
A. Binet France x x x x x
H. Höffding Denmark x x
W. James USA x x x
D. Katz Germany x x
J. Piaget France x x
G. W. F. Hegel Germany x
K. Buhler Germany x x
H. Ebbinghaus Germany x x
C. G. Jung Switzerland x x
W. Kohler Germany x x
E. Kraepelin Germany x x
E. Spranger Germany x x
M. Wertheimer Germany x x
J. M. Charcot France x x
A. Garma Spain x x
E. Miraz-Lopez Cuba x x
M. Rodrigo Spain x x
T. Aquinas Italy x x
Aristotle Greece x x
H. Spencer UK x x x
E. B. Titchener USA x x x
J. Haven USA x x
A. Nishi Japan x x
C. Darwin UK x x
J. S. Mill UK x x
Note: SC = Scandinavia, GE = Germany, SP = Spain, LA = Latin America, JA = Japan, CH = China, AU = Australia, NZ = New Zealand, AF = Afrique Noire (Sub-Saharan Africa), EG = Egypt.
It should be noted that more recently developed psychologies do not have an especially strong linkage to early philosophers and psychologists, but instead take up the discipline at a later point in its history. Furthermore, some national psychologies are not rooted in Western epistemological tradition. Thus, some “new” and indigenous psychologists make less reference to key figures in their origins than do other national country disciplines (e.g., Afrique Noire, Egypt).

Psychology and Developing Countries: Journal

Sage Publications 

Get a better perspective on the role of psychology in the developing world in Psychology and Developing Societies. This unique journal features a common platform for debate by psychologists from various parts of the world; articles based on alternate paradigms, indigenous concepts, and relevant methods for social policies in developing societies; and the unique socio-cultural and historical experiences of developing countries compared to Euro-American societies.

Psychology Journals with an International Focus

International Journal of Psychology (IJP, IUPsyS)

International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation (APA)

Psychology and Developing Societies (Sage)

Psychology, history, and society, 2002

Louw, J. (2002) Psychology, history, and society. South African Journal of Psychology32, 1-8.
URL: PDF from Author

Roles and Functions of School Psychologists: A Global Perspective, 2008

Helgoth, S. & Sobansky, R. (2008). The roles and functionso f school psychologists: a global perspective. International Journal of Psychology: A Biopsychosocial Approach. ISSN 1941-7233.


Social psychology around the world: Origins and subsequent development

Special issue on the indigenous psychologies, preface, 2006

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